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Over the past 30 years the childhood and teenage obesity rates in America have tripled. Today, 1/3 of all children and teenagers in America are severely overweight or obese. These rates are even higher in African American and Hispanic communities where nearly 40% of children are overweight or obese. This means one third of all children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes or some other chronic obesity-related health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma later in life. Because of this many in the medical community predict that the current generation of children may be the first generation of Americans in history to have shorter life expectancies than their parents. Our mission is to help put an end to childhood obesity by providing these children and their families with the resources they need to lead healthy, happy, productive lives.

Childhood obesity is a complex problem with many contributing factors. Lack of exercise, poor diet and nutrition, low self-esteem, genetic and environmental factors, all contribute to childhood weight gain. Children who qualify for our program will be placed with a weight loss sponsor who will meet with the child and their family to determine which of these factors are at play. The child will then be provided with an individualized weight loss program uniquely tailored to address that child’s issues.

This program typically will include some combination of physical exercise, nutrition education, life coaching and empowerment training. The child’s sponsor will be responsible for coordinating the resources necessary to ensure the child receives the training, education and counseling necessary to effectuate the goals of the program. Throughout the course of the program the child’s sponsor will meet with the child and his or her family regularly to monitor progress and to ensure engagement and accountability. Typical program lengths range from 6 months to one year. At the end of the program period, the child is reevaluated to determine if additional time in the program is needed. Qualifying children are welcome to reapply, however priority is given to those children who have not yet taken part the program.

Children are our future. There are far too many children and young adults who are dangerously overweight and who struggle to get their weight under control. These children lack the nutritional education, coaching and training necessary to reach their weight loss goals. Fight for our Future was founded to give these boys and girls the tools to help them win their battle with weight loss.

The wealthy members of our society can afford to hire personal trainers, nutritional consultants, motivational coaches, and the like to help them lose weight. Unfortunately, many of these overweight children and young adults come from low income families who lack the education and financial resources to provide these tools to their children. This is typically not due to a lack of effort on behalf of the parents. Often the parents express frustration that nothing they do seems to help their child lose the weight. This again goes back to a lack of education and resources.

Fight for Our Future to provides the less affluent members of our society with access to these weight loss resources. By creating a structured weight loss program using the resources in that child’s community and by providing nutritional education to both the child and his or her family, we will be able to make a lasting positive change in the life of each child that enters the Fight for our Future program.